PLCA Privacy Committee Charter

650.01 - Traffic Violation Fining Procedures
Control traffic violations including speeding, failure to make a complete stop at stop signs and parking in non-designated areas within Pelican Landing.

650.02 - Walkers, Joggers, Bicyclists & Rollerbladers
Ensure the safety of all Pelican Landing residents.

650.03 - Authorized Guest List
Manage the resident gate guest list to ensure the rights of all residents.

650.04 - Vendor Barcodes
Efficiently manage access for the frequent vendors entering the community.

650.05 - Identification for Access to Community
Manage gate access in such a way as to provide a safe community and protect the property values for all of Pelican Landing in an efficient, flexible manner.

650.06 - Monitoring of Surveillance Cameras
Control and document access to “real time” video & audio recordings by PLCA staff.

650.08 - Vendor Work Restrictions
Vendor access and provide residents with time of quiet enjoyment.

650.09 - Fishing Policy
Manage fishing within PLCA and to protect the privacy and property rights of homeowners.

650.10 - Authorization for Drones
Authorization and monitoring of the use of UAS (drones) within the boundaries of Pelican Landing.

650.11 - Animals & Pets Policy
Dealing with confirmed problem dogs on PLCA property