Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get a Pelican Landing ID card and gate access?
Come to the Community Center to complete the necessary PLCA registration paperwork and to receive Photo ID cards and vehicle bar codes. If you are a new homeowner, please bring a copy of your Deed. The office is open Monday–Thursday 9:00am-5:00pm & Friday 8:00am–4:00pm. Please avoid coming between 11:30am-2:00pm.

How do I inform Pelican Landing Community Association (PLCA) of personal information changes?
Please notify PLCA of any changes in mailing address, phone numbers, e-mail or unit ownership. Just email us at or call the front desk @ (239) 947-5977.

How do I register on Pelican Landing’s website and what is the advantage of doing so?
The way to register on this website is by clicking on “Welcome Visitor,” click "Register" and submit your email address to receive a registration email. Although nearly all the pages on this website are accessible to the public, registering on our website will give you access to all pages, including financial information. It will also allow you to make reservations for pickleball, bocce, sailing and sign-up for canoe/kayak group paddles.

Where are meeting notices posted?
All notices for PLCA’s meetings are posted at the Community Center and the gatehouses.

When are the annual assessments due and what are my payment options?
PLCA’s fees and assessments are due on January 1st of every year. It is the owner’s responsibility to pay assessments on time whether or not they receive a statement in the mail. Statements are usually mailed out the first week of November. PLCA Payment Option 2016.

What matters should I direct to PLCA?
   • PLCA Annual Assessments
   • PLCA Amenities
   • Monthly PLCA Meetings
   • Activities and Events organized by PLCA’s Lifestyle Director
   • Design Review Approval [See "Permission to Make Exterior Changes" below]
   • Privacy/Safety (including parking violations, where to park during construction & animal sightings)
   • General Pelican Landing Rules & Regulations [See "PLCA’s Rules & Regulations" below]
   • PLCA rental requirements and registration process [See "Rental Requirements" below]

What matters should I direct to my neighborhood Association/Management Company*?
   • Monthly/Quarterly Neighborhood Association Fees
   • Maintenance of the buildings, roads, street lights, landscaping, mail boxes, etc. located in your neighborhood
   • Neighborhood specific Policies and Regulations; including, the number of pets/breeds allowed
   • Parking regulations/illegal parking in your neighborhood
   • Number of available units and floor plans in your neighborhood
   • Construction work in the neighborhood
   • Animal sightings in your neighborhood
   • Neighborhood Association rental application and approval process

*See the complete list of Parcel Neighborhood Management Companies**

What are the Rental Requirements for Pelican Landing?
If you wish to rent your property in Pelican Landing, please see Rental Application for instruction. You will also need to fill-out a Tenant Access Authorization form. These forms can also be found on Pelican Landing’s website under FOR SALE/LEASE, FORMS/REALTOR INFO.

NOTE: Please contact your Neighborhood Association for the tenant application and pre-approval.

Do I need permission to make an exterior change to my home?
If you live in a single family home, forward all requests for approval of renovations, additions, tree removal or landscape change and exterior paint color changes to the Design Review Committee (DRC) located in the Community Center. DRC approval forms are available at the Community Center or on Pelican Landing’s website under RESOURCES, DOCUMENTS & FORMS, DESIGN REVIEW.

NOTE: If you live in a parcel neighborhood, please direct any requests for changes to your neighborhood management company for approval prior to submitting to DRC or to The Colony Foundation/Castle Group at (239) 498-5455, if you live in The Colony.

I live on the golf course. Can I trim the vegetation on the property line?
You may not remove any vegetation along the golf course without approval from the golf course Board of Governors. You may contact Pelican’s Nest @ (239) 947-2282.

I'm selling my home. Do I need to inform PLCA?
Yes. You are required to register your home sale with the Administration Office. This will facilitate access for Realtors showing your property, while maintaining the integrity of Pelican Landing's privacy policies. You or your Realtor may use our online “Home Sale Registration” form under FOR SALE/LEASE, FORMS/
REALTOR INFO. Email the form to or fax it to (239) 947-3606.

The title company or closing attorney can download PLCA’s “Estoppel” from our website under FOR SALE/LEASE, FORMS/REALTOR INFO.

Who do I contact about Cable TV issues, service or upgrades?
Pelican Landing has a bulk television/internet agreement with Hotwire Communications that gives our residents a substantial savings on television & internet fees. Please contact Hotwire's Residential Customer Care at (800) 355-5668 if you have any issues or concerns with your television or internet service.

What is my trash pick-up schedule and who do I call if I have questions?
Community trash regulations allow bagged and bundled lawn debris, garbage and recycling bins to be put out no earlier than 5:00pm the evening before pick up and must be removed within 24 hours of pick up. Parcel neighborhoods may be set up with a central dumpster location.

(Servicing Neighborhoods: Bellagio, Florencia, Las Palmas,
Merano, Messina, Navona, Ponza, Sorrento, Treviso, Villa Trevi)

GARBAGE: Tuesday

 (Servicing all other neighborhoods)

GARBAGE: Wednesday
                                         During Holiday weeks this schedule will be pushed forward by one day.

Is there a speed limit in Pelican Landing?
Yes. The maximum speed limit is 25 MPH. Also, please make sure you come to a complete stop at all stop signs.

May I walk my dog in Pelican Landing?
Yes, but dogs must be leashed properly, and please, remember to remove any solid waste your pet may leave behind. No dogs are allowed on the beach.

Where can I find PLCA’s Governing Documents and/or Rules and Regulations?
You can find a copy of the PLCA’s Governing Documents or Simplified Rules on the main menu above under FOR SALE/LEASE, FORMS/REALTOR INFO.


How do I maintain my list of authorized guests for access into the community?
You may add or delete names to your authorized gate guest list by logging onto or use the telephone voicemail system to authorize community access for your guests or vendors (see instructions below).


1). Click on the down arrow in the drop-down box, and select 'PL' for the Community Code.
2). User Name is your MEMBER NUMBER (Found on your PL Photo ID Card. Use only NUMBERS, leave out LETTERS).
3). The Password is your SECURITY CODE for the home/unit.

ABDi GateAccess App (Android, Blackberry & iOS)
Go to to download. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose your mobile OS for your download. Same login information as the above instructions.

Telephone Voicemail System: (239) 495-3802 **instructions**

**If you have any technical problems, please contact the privacy manager at or call (239) 947-8563**

Should I notify someone when I am away for an extended period or on vacation?
Yes. You may log onto and click on “Vacation Notification” to input the dates when you will be away.


How can I request guest or gate (car) passes?
Guest passes can be requested for your out-of-town, overnight house guests only. Please fill out and submit an online guest pass request form on the main menu bar above under PASSES, Guest Pass Request. If you do not have internet access, forms are available at the Community Center front desk. Passes are issued daily and sent to the gatehouse of your choice but please put in your request before your guests arrive. Your Photo ID cards are not transferable and may not be used by your guest(s).

Gate passes for 7 days or less can be issued at the entry gates for you or your guest (please make sure that your guest is on your gate guest list). For extended passes (over 7 days and up to 90 days), please fill out and submit an online gate pass request on the main menu above under PASSES, Gate Pass Request (vendors excluded).

These forms are also available at the Community Center front desk if you do not have access to a computer.

NOTE: When filling out a ‘guest pass’ request form, there is a place at the bottom to indicate if your visitors will need a car pass. Only check “yes” if they are staying longer than 7 days; otherwise, simply have them request a car pass at the gate, upon arrival, for the duration of their stay.

What time does the Shuttle boat leave for the Beach Park?

    SHUTTLE BUS SCHEDULE (Bus Departs Coconut Road Parking Lot)
    November – April: 9:25am, 9:55am, 10:25am, 10:55am, 11:25am, 11:55am, 12:25pm, 12:55pm, 1:25pm,1:55pm, 2:25pm, 2:55pm, 3:25pm
    May – October: 9:25am, 10:25am, 11:25am, 12:25pm, 1:25pm, 2:25pm, 3:25pm
    Last boat departs the island @ 4:30pm

NOTE: The beach shuttle schedule can also be found on this website under AMENITIES, or Channel 195 on your TV. Please call the Beach Info. Line (239) 495-3550 for weather related delays.

What is the procedure for using a canoe or kayak?
Check the availability of canoes/kayaks for Spring Creek Park at the Community Center from about November-April and at the South Gatehouse from about May-October. You can also take out a canoe or kayak at the Marina or at the Colony Canoe Park if you are a Colony resident/guest. They may be checked out for a maximum of three hours.

How do I sign up for tennis lessons or reserve a court?
Tennis lessons are scheduled through the Tennis Center at (239) 495-8100. Court time reservations can be made online (first time players must contact the Tennis Center for initial sign-up/guidance).

Are sailboats available for resident use?
Yes. Pelican Landing-owned sailboats are available to residents who are certified sailors. Please call the Sailing Attendant at (239) 222-0265 for more information or sign-up for lessons online.

Does Pelican Landing offer golf?
The golf courses and dining facilities are not a part of the Community Association amenities. Direct your questions to Pelican’s Nest Golf Club at (239) 947-4600 or if you live in The Colony, contact The Colony Golf & Bay Club at (239) 495-9224.

How can I sign up for and pay for PLCA’s Lifestyle Events?
PLCA publishes two Lifestyle Calendars each month--one for daytime (also includes amenity offerings and groups and clubs) and one for nighttime activities. Additionally, we offer a Fitness Class Schedule. The Lifestyle Calendars and Fitness Class Schedules can be found in the Community Center or by clicking here. These schedules provide all the information necessary to sign-up for PLCA activities, including applicable fees.

You may pay by check or money order (cash is only accepted for Bingo) made payable to PLCA (unless otherwise instructed). There are envelopes provided for your payments and a drop box designated for this purpose at the Community Center.

NOTE: Payments for the Fitness Classes should be made directly to the instructor unless otherwise noted.

What is a Bar Code and how can I get one?
A bar code system is used in Pelican Landing for automatic gate access for all five gates. A member of the Privacy Team applies a decal to the driver side, back window of your vehicle. These decals cannot be hand-carried or reapplied on another vehicle. Residents are entitled to two (2) bar code decals at no charge. Additional decals are $10 each. In the case of rental cars, a temporary gate pass can be issued for the duration of the visit or a bar code can be purchased for the length of the lease at a cost of $10 and upon presentation of the rental paperwork. Listed below are the times bar codes are issued. No appointment is necessary.

           (if it’s a rental, bring your rental contract)

          May - September                               October - April
                                                             Monday:         9am - Noon
Tuesday:    9am - Noon & 1-3pm             Tuesday:        9am - Noon & 1-3pm
                                                             Wednesday:   9am - Noon
Thursday:       9am - Noon & 1-3pm         Thursday:       9am - Noon & 1-3pm
                                                             Friday:           9am - Noon