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One of the reasons residents choose to live at Pelican Landing is how well the residential neighborhoods blend into the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. This harmonious blend of nature and development is the result of careful planning and the application of strict guidelines. This effort is managed by Pelican Landing Community Association's Design Review Committee (DRC). Its purpose is to ensure consistent quality design in architecture and landscaping and to promote continued first-class maintenance of the community. The DRC works diligently with residents, designers, builders, and contractors to fulfill this goal. The DRC works closely with the Association's management represented by the Director of Covenant Enforcement.

All new construction plans and drawings, as well as landscape designs are approved through the DRC prior to building. Renovations, structural additions, and landscape enhancement plans must also be reviewed and approved by the DRC prior to the start of any work. This committee meets regularly to review these plans and seeks to make the process easy and uncomplicated for each resident. All forms, plans, drawing, etc. must be submitted at least one week prior to the next scheduled DRC Committee meeting in order to be reviewed at that meeting. Submissions after that deadline will not be reviewed until the following month's DRC Committee.

If a resident is unsure about the various community restrictions, please contact the Director of Covenant Enforcement at the Pelican Landing Community Association Administration Office. For complete and definitive information, please refer to the General Protective Covenants and Restrictions for Pelican Landing as well as Neighborhood Covenants or Condominium Documents. Landscape guidelines may also be found in the specially-compiled DRC booklet. Copies of all the community governing documents, as well as the DRC booklet, may be purchased at the Pelican Landing Community Association Administration Office.