Pelican Landing is a limited-access community with gatehouses located at each entrance which are designed to control and monitor access to the community. Access to the community is provided by a combination of barcode decals and guest passes.

For convenient access into the community, Pelican Landing residents are issued vehicle bar code decals for opening the gates. For information on how to obtain a barcode, see the How To Obtain a Barcode Page. When using a barcode for passing through a gatehouse entrance, residents must use caution; allowing only one vehicle at a time to pass through. If traveling too closely to another vehicle, the gate arm may automatically drop and cause vehicle damage.

Residents are asked to use our gate authorization process (Automated Voicemail [Instructions], authorization website [] or APP -- iOS | Android) in advance, day or night, when expecting guests. The gatehouse staff will make every effort to ensure that guests are allowed quick and courteous entry. If authorization has not been cleared for a visitor, the staff will attempt to contact the resident for authorization prior to admittance. If authorization is not received, the guest will not be admitted into the community.

Residents who have recurring guests or service companies may include the names of all such individuals on their Authorized Access list or on file in the PLCA Administration Office. Each person or company listed as an authorized guest will then be allowed access into the community after providing the staff with a valid driver’s license and obtaining a community pass.