Pickleball Ladder Sign-Up

Spring Session (6 Weeks)
Saturdays, March 2 - April 6 @ 8:30am & 9:15am
Please fill out a separate form for each player.

HOW IT WORKS: All Players are asked to commit to at least 4 of the 6 weeks or can sign up as an alternate. 24 people will play the 8:30 slot and the next 24 will continue to the 9:15 slot. You MUST be available to play either time slot. If you are a no show at start time, a substitute will be put in to play for you. Four people will be assigned to a match playing 3 games to 15 points and switching partners after each game. The first team to reach 15 wins without using the 2-point win rule. Everyone will record their score after each game. A running total of individual points continues for the duration of the ladder schedule. Total points determine the group you will play with the following week. Schedule and court assignment will be emailed at least 1 day prior. Once you receive your court assignment, you are expected to show up. This is a competitive league geared toward 2.5+ players.

If interested in playing, please complete and submit this form (adults only). For questions, please contact Darryl Baetz at dbpickleball@bell.net or
Kathi Bunetta at kbunetta@gmail.com.

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NOTE: Only Pelican Landing-supplied balls can be used for this event.