Tennis Social Room Reservation

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* Due to parking restraints from October – March, room requests only accepted for events starting after 3:30pm; recurring events must be requested each time of use, up to one month in advance of date needed. A room can be requested for exclusive use for 3 hours. If an enclosed room is requested, the outside patio area may be used on an ad hoc basis by other groups. Exceptions can be made by Tennis Staff.

** All functions must conclude by 9:30 PM EST.

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(69 Maximum)

Tables w/ 4 Chairs:
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(10 Maximum)
Regular Tables (Inside):
(5 Maximum)
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(40 Maximum)
Regular Chairs:
(20 Maximum)
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Requestor’s Responsibilities***:

  •  Submit form and get approval;
  •  Requestor must be present at the event;
  •  Room setup – table and chair arrangement;
  •  Understand audio/visual equipment, if required;
  •  Provide all food serving needs;
  •  After function, clean up room and turn off lights; return 5 low tables and chairs to inside space and 10 hi-top tables and chairs to outside area;
  •  Take trash to dumpster (to avoid animals coming through screens);
  •  Notify Security at (239) 992-7522 when finished if Tennis Center is closed so room and restrooms can be secured.

***The Requestor is responsible for cleanup of the clubhouse amenity and any damage to the facility or furniture/appliances. The Requestor may be assessed for any cleanup if needed (minimum $100 fee) or any damages incurred.